Maintenance Specialist Job

Company Name:
Job Description
- Starkville, MS--Starkville Crossing, 02447
Job Title:Maintenance Specialist
Do you like to work with your hands? Are you the one person to call to help make something tidy? Well being a Maintenance Specialist in the new jcp might be the position for you! Come and be a part of a team that is changing the face of retail forever.
The Maintenance Specialist is the one stop shop for the store for all things that need upkeep; to ensure the shopping environment is clean, compelling, and hazard free for the customer.
Keeps store clean You see the store as your homeit s just that you have company over A LOT. You clean the floors and restrooms, shine fixtures and mirrors, and pick up trash to make the store ready for customers at all times.
Maintains a Safe Work Environment You pick up after yourself including ladders, vacuums and buckets to make jcp a safe place to work and shop.
Assists other team members You are the go-to-person in the neighborhood. You are always willing to help out and take care of business for team members, the store, and the customer.
Skills and Characteristics:
Time Management You execute tasks in an efficient and effective manner.
Planning / Prioritization You plan and structure your work projects and always place top priority to the customer experience.
Motivation You have an internal drive to be fantastic. There s no one that works harder than YOU!
Detail Orientation You ve never left your T s uncrossed or your I s undotted. You know what s right and check and double check to ensure it s right
Attitude You are an optimistic glass half full type of person. You can take any situation and make it positive.

Don't Be Fooled

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